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People moving on from Homelessness

We have residents in the farmhouse who are moving on from homelessness. We are partnering with other charities to increase the provision of farm activities for other visitors who are affected by homelessness, but do not live at the farm.

Disabilty Access

People with Disabilities

We are working to improve the accessibility of the farm for everyone, and our new building will greatly increase our ability to work with non-resident visitors with alternative abilities.


People living with Dementia

We are working with local groups who support those  living with dementia. Visits to the farm generate a lot of laughter and chat as our animals interact with visitors and trigger memories and create happy moments.

Our New Build

New Build Complete - The Bradbury Barn

With the support of a large number of grant funders we have been able to achieve our goal of creating a new heart to the farm - allowing us to expand our community offer, support a greater number of young people, offer increased opportunities for local visitors such as donkey walking, provide more rural training and offer hub facilities to our community partners

This new build has been funded by and with grateful thanks to:

Albert Hunt Trust

Allchurches Trust

Batchworth Trust

Bradbury Foundation

Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

F Glenister Woodger Trust

Garfield Weston Foundation

Hamamelis Trust

Laing Family Trusts

Wates Family Charities

Wilson Memorial Trust

Many individual donations


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​The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas



We take our conservation responsibility very seriously. We have planted over 3 km of hedges which are now flourishing. We teach hedge laying as a rural craft. We are planting wildflower seeds across some of the farm fields to encourage plant diversity and support insect and bird diversity.  We do regular bird counts across the farm. We have photography hides for photographing wildlife, particularly foxes who are often seen on the farm – to find out more click here.



We have an exciting bee project, with 8 hives protected by a dead hedge. The bees are looked after by volunteers  and some of our students. We produce beautiful ECF honey.

Our Bees

Our Bees

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