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Date of Birth 1992

Bramble is a golden oldie. He is a curious little chap who is always interested in what everyone is up to. If Bramble isn’t eating or having  a good scratch, you’ll probably find him causing mischief with his best friend Bobin.


Date of Birth 1992

Bobin is our eldest donkey, but don’t let his age fool you, he is the first to run in at dinner time. He is calm and determined, with his beautiful coloured splodges he is unique inside and out.


Date of Birth 2001

Leo is our cuddle monster who loves nothing more than giving everyone a big hug. Leo doesn't know the meaning of personal space! He is gentle and sensitive and likes nothing more than making people happy.


Date of Birth 2007

Al is a prize winner! Back in his youth he won many beauty competitions, now a days he prefers the quiet life, but still enjoys a pamper and fuss. He is funny, wise and caring and will be the first donkey to tell off his two mischievous sons Smartie and Teddie.


Date of Birth 1993

John is the old man of the herd, our slow and steady donkey who never goes anywhere in a rush. John is relaxed and easy going, definitely a donkey that dances to the beat of his own drum.


Date of Birth 2017

Smartie is one of our biggest donkeys with a heart to match. With his long white front legs it’s not surprising that he spends lots of his time racing round the field playing with his brother Teddie. He is intelligent and mischievous, a dangerous combination!


Date of Birth 2017

Teddie is the smallest donkey in the herd, he is also our youngest. Born in 2017 he is  a little pocket rocket who loves messing around with his brother Smartie. He is curious and brave, Teddie is never far away from the action.

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