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Guinea pigs


Strom is a wild one, she is always on the move and the first to check out new things. She still loves a cuddle and will sit for hours if you find the right spot behind her ears.


Flo is like a ninja! She can move around without anyone seeing her. She loves eating her greens and hanging out with her guinea pig sisters.


Pebbles is our princess. Good luck trying to catch her if she doesn’t want you to and only the freshest dandelion leaves will do.


Marshmallow is a cutie. She loves nothing more than being outside in the sun, eating grass and vegetables.


Fidget is a fidget! She doesn't stay still for long and loves being outside with her guinea pig friends.


Jellybean is an explorer. She's the first out in the morning and the last in at night. She came to the farm with her sister Marshmallow and made herself at home straight away!


Reg is the only boy in the group as well as the only rabbit. He loves hanging out with his sisters and trying to escape! He is soft, cheeky and very very fast! If he's not running around or digging hole, you'll find Reg sunbathing in the garden.

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