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Date of Birth 2019

Quentin is the leader of the pack. Small and mighty, Quentin loves nothing more than a good scratch. He may be small but he will be the first to tell off the other boys when they start getting too lively.


Date of Birth 2020

Rex is the smallest of our goats, with his patchwork coat and friendly personality, it is no surprise that he steals a goat shaped chunk from everyone’s heart.


Date of Birth 2019

Quill is our biggest goat, with a personality to match. He has a long coat that wiggles whilst he walks. Quill loves a good scratch and will be the first to come over and use you as an itching post.


Date of Birth 2020

Rocky is one of our liveliest goats. He is super friendly and is always the first to come over and say hello. Rocky loves to climb and you will often find him on top of the climbing frame or hay manger, looking at what’s going on.


Date of Birth 2020

Ralph is our tricoloured beauty. He loves the company of all his goat friends but is quiet and shy around people. Ralph likes to watch from a distance, will anyone be able to steal his heart?


Date of Birth 2010

George is our eldest goat with a beard to die for! He is curious, cuddly and very cheeky, don’t take your eyes of him for too long or he’ll be nibbling at your clothes!

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